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Siding Replacement

Siding is the shield that protects your home. Without a strong siding system, your home and everything (and everyone!) inside it are left vulnerable to the outside world. Protect your home and loved ones with a Southers Siding Replacement. We use the best siding materials in the industry from brands like Royal, JamesHardie, and Tando.

As a homeowner, your number of responsibilities can seem endless. Home maintenance is a huge undertaking, and sometimes it can feel quite overwhelming. Putting off important maintenance duties runs the risk of damaging your home. This not only affects your property, but it can cost you your peace of mind as well.
There are many options available to you when it comes to a siding replacement. Regardless of your home’s needs, or your desired aesthetic, we have a solution for you. Not sure which option would best suit your home? Let Southers Construction help! We are a leading New England siding contractor. Our exterior home remodeling experts are well versed in all aspects of the siding replacement process. Estimates are always free and include a complimentary external home inspection. We’ll make sure your home receives the siding materials and services it needs to keep you safe.

Why Choose Southers Siding Services?

A Dover, NH home with blue vinyl siding and white trim and railings.

At Southers Construction, we’re homeowners helping homeowners. We understand that making large changes to your home, such as undertaking a siding replacement project, can be overwhelming. Our experts will work with you every step of the way to help you find the option that works best for your home and budget.

A home in Dover, NH with blue vinyl siding.

There are many options available to you when it comes to siding replacement. Regardless of your need, or your desired aesthetic, we have a solution. Unclear about what option would best suit you? Let Southers Construction help! We are a leader in the home remodeling industry. Read on for an even deeper dive into siding.

Signs Your Home Needs a Siding Replacement

Staying knowledgeable about your property’s needs and make up can help you stay ahead of the game in many ways. Do you know the signs that your siding needs to be replaced?

Water Damaged or Rotting Siding

Rotting wood siding with gray paint peeling from the panels.
Rot is an obvious indicator that your siding needs a replacement. Water damage like mold, mildew, and algae are another. Water damaged siding that is left untreated is a breeding ground for rot. Rotting and water damaged siding cannot protect your home from the elements the way it’s supposed to. Once rot, mold, or mildew begin to spread across the exterior of your home, it’s time to replace your siding system. Vinyl siding is a great upgrade to your wood siding as vinyl is rot proof.

Damaged Siding

White vinyl siding with visible cracks and damage from a hailstorm.
Damages such as cracks or holes compromise the integrity of your entire siding system. Cracks and holes can allow pests and water to penetrate your home. Water can lead to expensive damages like rot, mold, and mildew. Pests can result in costly extermination costs in addition to repair costs. Damaged siding left untreated cannot be repaired and will need a full siding replacement.


A snow covered Victorian home with white clapboard siding.
Air drafts near your windows, walls, and electrical outlets are a sign that your siding needs replacing. Drafts are a sign that your siding materials are no longer air or watertight. A siding replacement can increase your home’s insulation, reduce energy costs, and increase protection against water damage.
A home with tan siding and a garden planted outside a large window.
A wall with dark gray clapboard siding, white trim, and a white window.

Vinyl & Composite Siding

A 2 story home with pale blue board & batten siding.

Board & Batton Siding

A large home with tan clapboard and shake siding and gray roofing shingles.

Cedar Shake Siding

Benefits of Siding Replacement

When you choose Southers Construction for your next siding replacement, your home will receive much more than just some new vinyl panels. A Southers Siding System uses several components to protect your home from weather, debris, and pests. These components work in tandem to protect your home while keeping it looking great. They include: Backerboard, House wrap, Fascia and soffit trim, J-Channel, Corner trim!
The backerboard is placed over the home’s insulation. This is what all additional components are fastened too. House wrap adds an extra level of protection against moisture, debris, and pests to your home. Fascia and soffit trim adds protection to the fascia and soffits, which add ventilation to your roof. J-channel is the trim that is installed around windows, doorways, and eaves. Corner trim is the trim that bonds the siding panels together at the corners of the home.

Southers Construction understands the power of every detail to a project's success. Each phase of our installation process is thought our carefully within our production team and then coordinated with our roofing installers to ensure your projects success. This process allows us to ensure that you, as a homeowner, will come home to a project that you appreciate, for the rest of your life. Whether you're looking to have an expert out to your home in the next 24-Hours, or simply have some questions that you may want answered - We have you covered.

Dark gray TandoStone composite siding without grout.


Tan Tando Beach House shake siding panels.

Beach House Shake

Dark green HardieShingle shake siding.


A home with tan Beach House shake siding with white trim.
A 2 story home with white siding and black trim around the windows.
The side of a home with dark blue clapboard siding and white trim and windows.

JH Clapboard

A close up of white JamesHardie HardiePanel board & batten siding.

HardiePanel Board & Batten

A large 2 story home with tan shake and mahogany board and batten JamesHardie siding.

Hardieshingle Shake

Trust Southers Construction with Your Siding Replacement

At Southers Construction, we’re homeowners helping homeowners. We understand that making large changes to your home can be stressful. If you aren’t sure if your home could benefit from a siding replacement, give us a call! Our experts will work with you to help you find the right siding option for your home. Estimates are free and are backed by our 365-day pricing guarantee. If your damaged siding needs to be replaced but you’re struggling to find room in your budget, ask us about our financing options!

Tando Shakes & Stone

The backside of a 2 story home with blue Tando Cape Cod Perfections shake siding.

Tando Cape Cod Perfections

Brown Tando Shake siding with white trim and windows.

Tando Beach House Shake

The entry way of a home with a dark brown door surrounded by gray TandoStone and blue TandoShake siding.

Tando Specialty Composite Stone

The side of a home with dark blue clapboard siding and white trim and windows.

James Hardie Siding

Beige HardieShingle shake siding on a home with white trim and green shutters.

James Hardie Shake

A large 2 story home with tan shake and mahogany board and batten JamesHardie siding.

James Hardie Board & Batten

James Hardie Home Shingle Siding Straight Edge Panel

James Hardie Clapboard

A home with tan siding and a garden planted outside a large window.

Royal Siding

Royal Premium Pointe Siding

A large 2 story home with gray clapboard and board & batten siding. There are green shutters around the windows.

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A headshot of owner and CEO Ricky Southers in Dover, NH.

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2 men working on an asphalt shingle roof in Sandown, NH.

Southers Recruitment

A man holding a tape measure on a flat black roof in Portsmouth, NH.


A Southers Construction sign placed in front of a home with workers installing a new green metal roof in Danville, NH.

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