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Our Mission

To educate homeowners through the home remodeling process by creating an approachable and hassle-free process for every homeowner.

We do this for you, and your neighborhood.

All the benefits of home remodeling, without the hassle. We don’t add any unneeded stress to our homeowners before, during, or after the remodeling process.

2 men talking in an office in Epping, NH.

We Knew There Was A Better Construction Solution

Southers Construction began as a one man show back in 2012. It was a dream had by a single man and his family. Ricky Southers, a U.S. Marine, began door knocking and selling his own repair work in his local community. .

After about four years of hard work and dedication, combined with strategic business moves, Ricky was able to begin hiring a crew. It was at this time that he was able to double his business output by continuing his quality workmanship and marketing strategies.

Two years later after putting his nose to the grind and six years after starting his one-man repairs, Ricky Southers saw his company finally take off. Since 2018 Mr. Southers has been able to support his local community by offering tremendous job opportunities and quality service.

Today Southers Construction is a growing, fast-paced, family-owned company. Here at Southers Construction, it is our mission to provide superior service to the Seacoast area and beyond. We currently service 3 states and are continuously expanding our territory.

Ricky Southers, CEO of Southers Construction, posing for a picture.

Through our quality work, we offer lifetime workmanship warranties on all our projects. We pride ourselves on solely using American manufactured products. It is our aim here at Southers Construction to not only use quality products but to ensure flawless craftsmanship.


Ricky Southers, Owner & CEO

A group of men having a meeting in an office in Dover, NH.

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2 men talking in an office in Epping, NH.

Our Lifetime Warranty

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