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Home Maintenance Packages

As a homeowner, your amount of responsibilities can seem endless. It can be exhausting to keep up with everything you need to take care of. Neglecting important home maintenance projects can lead to bigger problems down the road. If you can’t remember the last time you cleaned out your gutters or you have some roofing shingles in need of a touch up, you’re in the right place!
Call Southers Construction for your home maintenance services. We offer power-washing, gutter cleaning, deck staining, winter cleanup, and minor repairs. Our experts are always happy to help take the burden off of your shoulders. You can spend less time worrying about home maintenance and more time enjoying the things that matter to you.
If you aren’t sure if your home is in need of a repair or routine maintenance, [give us a call]! We’ll have an expert at your home in 24 hours. All estimates are free and include a complimentary external home inspection. We’ll make sure your home receives the best service possible.

Power Washing

Southers Construction offers power washing home maintenance services. If you’re noticing mold and algae growth or your home just looks dirty, it’s time to power wash it. Some materials are easier to clean than others. Power washing should be left to professionals to avoid damaging your home.

A man power washing a home's vinyl siding.
A gloved hand pulling leaves and debris from a clogged gutter.

Gutter Clean Out

When’s the last time you remembered to clean your gutters? If it’s been a while, your gutters are probably overdue for a cleaning! Gutters should be cleaned at least twice per year. Clogged gutters pose a serious risk for water damage and are also a fire hazard. If you don’t have time to clean your gutters or tend to other home maintenance tasks, give Southers Construction a call!

Deck Staining

Staining is vital to extending the life of your deck. This is one home maintenance task that is often overlooked. Staining not only keeps your deck looking great, it also makes the wood water resistant. If your deck isn’t looking as great as it used to or you’re noticing algae and mold growth, give us a call! We’ll find a color and finish that looks great and protects your deck from the elements.

Freshly stained decking repelling water.
Snow and icicles hanging from the roof of a yellow home with black gutters.

Snow and Ice Dam Removal

Neglecting to remove snow and ice dams from your roof can spell disaster for your home and your wallet. If your roof needs snow and ice dams removed, contact Southers Construction. We’ll provide you with safe, reliable, and timely winter home maintenance. Plus, we’re fully insured.

Minor Repairs

If your home has minor damages in need of repair, give us a call! Sometimes problems that seem like an easy DIY fix are better left to a professional. Our experts are always happy to help you get your home back to its best condition.
A roofer replacing shingles on a roof.

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A gloved hand pulling leaves and debris from a clogged gutter.

Gutter Clean-out

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Minor Repairs

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Deck Staining

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Rooftop Snow & Ice Dam Removal

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