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Flat Roofing Services

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Southers Construction Flat Roofing Services

Flat roofing is common with commercial buildings but can also be seen on homes as well. This roofing option has several benefits including:
A man holding a tape measure on a flat black roof in Portsmouth, NH.

Benefits of Flat Roofing

While most popular in the commercial roofing industry, flat roofing is also an option for homeowners. Residential flat roofing requires different techniques and materials than commercial. Because of this, it’s important to choose a roofing contractor who is well-versed in all forms of flat roofing. That’s where Southers Construction comes in. Our experts are knowledgeable in all forms of roofing processes. When you get your roof serviced with us, you can look forward to benefits like:

  • Affordable installation and maintenance

    Less surface area means less material needed.

  • Energy efficiency

    Flat roofing eliminates the air trapping overhead space of pitched roofing.

  • Versatility

    Turn your flat rooftop into an extra outdoor living space.

  • Lifetime Warranty

    Any damages caused by misinstallation are repaired free of charge.

Southers Construction's Flat Roofing Services

Tapered insulation on a flat roof with a caulking tool laid on top of the insulation.
Tapered Roof Insulation

A common problem with flat roofing is that it collects water which can result in pooling and leaks. Tapered insulation solves this problem. Tapered insulation guides pooling water to drains and gutters. When paired with TPO, you won’t need to worry about water damage on your flat roof for decades. Tapered insulation and TPO extends the life of the roof and requires less maintenance and repairs to fix water damage.

A person adding silicone caulking to a metal roof.
Silicone Roof Coating

Another common solution to flat roof water pooling is the use of silicone roof coating. This coating is water resistant and will not absorb water once it cures. Silicone roof coating reflects sunlight, making it a great way to lower cooling costs. Adding a silicone coating to your roof protects it from weather like high winds, hail, ice and rain.

A flat commercial roof with fresh black roofing membrane.
EPDM Rubber Roofing

Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) rubber roofing is a single-ply flat roofing material. EPDM has been a popular roofing material for decades. This is because it’s a great waterproof roofing material. EPDM is installed in a single layer of rubber sheets. Rubber roofing is durable, waterproof, and energy efficient. While it is most popular in commercial roofing, it is still an option for homeowners with flat roofs.

Trust Southers Construction with Your Flat Roofing Needs

The exterior home remodeling experts at Southers Construction are ready for your next flat roofing project. We will work with you every step of the way to make sure your roofing replacement is as smooth as possible. Our estimates are always free and are backed by our 365-day pricing guarantee. Schedule an appointment today to get your next flat roofing project started!

Deck Project with CertainTeed Siding Stratham New Hampshire with Southers Construction Sign
A brick home with a flat rubber roof over its patio.

Benefits Of Flat Roofing

Affordable Installation and Maintenance

A brick home with a flat rubber roof over its patio.

First, flat roofs typically have a smaller surface area than most pitched roofs. This means flat roofing replacements require less materials. EPDM membrane and other rubber roofing materials are more affordable than other roofing materials like metal or wood. As a result, this makes installation and maintenance both easier as well as cheaper.

Benefits Of Flat Roofing

Increase Your Energy Efficiency

A flat commercial roof with fresh black roofing membrane.

Next, flat roofing can increase your home’s energy efficiency. Pitched roofing has more overhead space that can trap warm air allowing cool air to escape. The lack of pitch eliminates this problem. Roofing materials like EPDM are also energy efficient. These insulating roofing materials are great for lowering heating and cooling costs.

A flat commercial roof with fresh black roofing membrane.
The top of a home's flat black rubber roof with leaves on it.

Benefits Of Flat Roofing


The top of a home's flat black rubber roof with leaves on it.
Flat roofing is great for homes with limited yard space. With a little creativity, flat roofs can be turned into an outdoor living space. You can turn your flat roof into a patio, start a rooftop garden, or even install a deck! A flat roof will increase your living space and enhance your experience as a homeowner.

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Four men having a meeting in an office in Dover, NH.

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Four men having a meeting in an office in Dover, NH.

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Southers Construction offers a Lifetime Workmanship Warranty on all our projects. We also offer several warranties through our partners; each and every warranty is created to protect homeowners from future unforeseen home damages and associated expenses.

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Roofing Project at House in West Newbury Massachusetts with Southers Construction Yard Sign in frame.

Residential Roofing

A white home with black standing seam metal roofing.

Metal Roofing

A black and gray slate tile roof.

Asphalt Roofing

The top of a home's flat black rubber roof with leaves on it.

Rubber Roofing

A flat commercial roof with fresh black roofing membrane.

Commercial Roofing

A ridge vent on the peak of a roof with gray shingles.

Owen's Corning Roofing

Standing Seam Metal Roofing

The top of a home's maroon corrugated metal roof.

Corrugated Metal Roofing

A green home with black metal shingle roofing and white trim.

Metal Shingles Roofing

Dormer in the roof of house with cedar shake shingles.

Specialty Roofing

A person spraying silicone roof coating onto a flat roof.

Silicone Application Roofing

Five skylights on a home's slate specialty roof.

Shakes & Slate Roofing