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How To Know If You Have Dry Rot And How To Fix The Problem

Dry rot can be a major issue if overlooked, so it is always good to diagnose this issue and then you can find the best way to resolve it. Below are some easy to understand the issue and how to spot it, as you might learn it could be hard to see these issues. Rot in general seems like it can be a nightmare for homeowners but it doesn’t have to be that way. 

What Is Dry Rot?

As opposed to what it sounds like, dry rot problems don’t occur when wood is dry. Rather, fungus eats away at wood when it gets wet, allowing it to become decayed. When the wood structure becomes moist, either due to poor siding installation or an issue inside the house, rotting begins. If rotting wood is left unchecked, a home can become unstable.

Finding Rotted Wood

Consult a professional to assess the home’s wood structure. In homes without a comprehensive gutter system and without roof overhangs, wood rot can occur. In places where the gutters are damaged or flashing is missing, a home may be susceptible to rot if a portion of it is continuously exposed to water.

Fixing the Problem

Rotted wood must be addressed as soon as possible by a contractor. The process typically involves the following steps:

  • Remove the siding and water barrier (if applicable) to expose the wood
  • New wood should be used to replace the rotted wood. Structure-integral wood will be cut away or replaced by the contractor.
  • Inspect the remaining wood that isn’t damaged, but appears to have been affected by the fungus that caused the dry rot.
  • Dispose of the damaged wood properly.
  • Replacing the siding with a water-resistant barrier.

Despite vinyl siding’s durability, it is not impervious to water damage. In order to prevent water problems such as dry rot, the home must have a tight water-resistant barrier beneath the vinyl siding. Schedule a free home consultation with Findlay Roofing today to determine your home’s susceptibility to dry rot.