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How do Skylight Leaks start, and how to fix it?

Fixing a skylight leak is one of the most common residential roofing repairs.  Having a leaking skylight is not only an eyesore, but can also damage your ceilings and drywall, and can be an indication of much more serious, hidden damage. Don’t wait and see if a skylight is leaking. Get it fixed as soon as possible by a roofing professional. Water damage could cost thousands of dollars if the next downpour occurs. When a skylight leaks, it’s rarely easy to fix since they’re notoriously hard to seal properly. Therefore, we highly recommend hiring a professional roofer. To rule out a smaller issue, you can try a couple of things yourself.

Diagnosing a Skylight Leak

Finding the leak’s source is the first step. In order to accomplish this, a comprehensive inspection will be required. The source of a leak can often be difficult to find, so calling a professional is usually necessary. Make sure the leak is actually excessive condensation that has moved to the underside of the glass and dripped inside. Usually, this occurs in damper locations, such as the kitchen or bathroom, when the weather is colder. The skylight should be fully closed and the weather seals should be in good condition if it opens. Roofers will inspect other possible leak causes, such as roof penetrations and vent flashing, when you call them. Skylights consist of a pane of glass surrounded by a frame (usually metal). 

Leaks can occur

In between the glass and the frame – This is caused by a worn or weathered seal in the skylight. Between the frame and the roof – This is a roof problem. It’s either the skylight wasn’t installed correctly or the flashing and seal around it have worn out. Caulk around the glass of the skylight with clear silicone caulk if the leak is between the glass and frame. When water has infiltrated this seal, the skylight may look permanently foggy from moisture getting between the panes of glass. A new skylight is the only solution.

Calling for Professional Help

Skylight leaks shouldn’t be ignored! Southers Construction offers skylight repair and replacement services. Our team can help determine the underlying issue and what can be done to prevent similar issues down the road. We understand skylights and how to ensure they remain in good condition and that they let in just light, not water or wind.

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