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5 Tips To Prepare Your Roof For Winter!

When you schedule a roofing inspection before November 11, you’ll get $1,000 off a full roofing replacement!

Before fall weather in New England becomes unpredictable, prepare your home for winter. Follow these steps for a winter-ready roof:

1. Schedule a roofing inspection

Professional roof inspections can help you identify dangerous problems before they occur. Southers Construction offers FREE roofing inspections to homeowners who aren’t sure whether their roof can withstand another New England winter. When you schedule a roofing inspection before November 11th, you’ll get $1,000 off a full roofing replacement!

2. Clean your gutters

Falling leaves create the perfect conditions for clogged gutters. Cleaning your gutters will ensure that rainwater and melting snow can safely flow away from your home and reduce the risk of water damage and rusting.

3. Remove debris from your roof

Fall is the ideal time for leaves and other debris to accumulate on your roof. When piles of leaves and other wet debris build up, they can become waterlogged and create soft spots and even leaks in your roofing system. 

4. Inspect your attic’s ventilation

Poor attic ventilation is the root cause of ice dams. As heat escapes from the attic, it melts the snow on the roof which drips down to the gutters where it refreezes. As more snow melts and the water freezes again, it creates an ice dam. Ice dams can cause roof leaks and damage your gutters. 

5. Have a winter cleanup plan

You might be planning to clean your roof yourself this winter. Do you have the right tools and experience to do it safely? Before winter comes, research reliable snow removal companies in your area, so you’ll know who to call when your roof is covered in snow. Our winter cleanup services are fully insured and available for residential and commercial properties.   

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